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These simple things that means most to me :)

When you call me baby/love/lalab and etc
When you just call my name
When you chat/text me first
When you say you miss me
When you want me to kiss you
When you get protective
When you ask me of its okay to sleep by my side at night
When you get jealous
When you remember me and let me know
When you kiss me
When you slide down your hand from my arm and hold my hand
When you smile that crooked smile
When you have the shark hair
When you say hi/hello to me in public
When you kiss me hello/goodbye
When we act as bestfriends
When we act as lovers
When we’re just being us
When you hug me with your big strong arms
When you take me to restaurants
When we eat proven
When we drink milk tea
When you let me baby you
When you want to be with me
When you sacrifice things for me
When you choose to hangout with me instead of your friends
When i hear your voice
When I see your face
When you ask how my day was
When you tell me that you loved your day because of me
When you tell me you love me :’)

These simple things that means most to me :’)

December 3, 2012: a Late post

so this was around 12:22am on the 3rd of december. I didn’t expect that you would send me something like this. THANK YOU LOVE. and yes, you’re wrong, its 21st! :D 

We met at around 2:30pm @ MCDO XU. you were fresh from the farm. ;) you know what happened. I’m sorry. :( I really had to go, i know you were… yea. BUT i said I will make bawi ;) so watch out? >:3

I love you, still. Happy 21st! :** 

September 14, 2012

Oh what a happy day. :) we had lunch at Mcdo. You went to class but you didnt have class so you went to Perks while I went to register for the voter’s ID. :D

As planned, we went to Gaisano. Hands locked. ;) I still love it when you hold my hand, I love it better when you’re the one trying to hold my hand, and I don’t need to ask you. We went round at Gaisano, looking for clothes and all. :D Did you realize we were often talking to each other in English? HAHAHAHA am I contagious? LOL we ate siopao at the food court. mura ta’g mga korek, english2 kuno. xD and you were being sweet, you kept biting me. :p you said that im sweet. busa imo kong ginabite. ayeeee kilig kaayo ko koya :3 I asked you if I wasn’t going to see you tomorrow, you said I would not. I was sad. but you said its okay, and there’s reassurance there, so i’ll be seeing you on thursday. :) I’ll look forward to that. ;)  but anyway, you bought a perfume, honest humot kaayo lablab!! :D hahahaha

we went to chingkee for tea. :D haha we decided not to go to IO because I have an exam tomorrow, and that I know you want to go home :p but anyway, we held hands as you walked me to the jeepney stop (dili jeepney station :p) nag-exchange ta’g bags. :D THIS IS A FIRST ;) I always think its sweet :3 hihi. 

On our way to the jeepney stop, we heard a noise from the XU gym, I asked you, “gusto ka magwatch?” you said no, you tried to explain why, you said na dili ka ganahan, dapat nagpainit na ta sa atong lubot daan before the game started… OKAY LOL hahahaha but what was significant was that, you said “mas ganahan ko ani…” then you clutched my hand tighter and held it up. Oh. :3 I kissed your shoulder as I cant reach your cheek. :3 When the jeep was there, you reminded me to not text and/or sleep during the jeepney ride, and to text you when I get home. Oh so caring. I hope youre always like that. It makes my heart melt. :”> You kissed me goodbye and were off. :3

Oh baby, we’re so inlove. <3 

September 3, 2012: 18th <3

I could still remember on the same day last year, that was really sad. It was our 6th month, and you TOTALLY forgot about it. The look on your face when you realized that you have totally forgotten, I could still remember it. When I cried, when you cried, and you were totally sorry. I admit, I expected it would happen today, that you would still forget. but you did not. you already greeted me in advance. :) 

So we went to ketkai, and ate at KFC. :D then I, You, we decided that I won’t go to my physics class, so we stayed at ketkai longer. then we came back to school and we had classes. I found out that I don’t have chem lab (HAPPINESS LEVEL: UNIMAGINABLE buahahahah) and told you about it. I stayed at school to wait for you, and I texted you "where ka? go ka with your friends? :)" I was being nice since it was our monthsary, I expected you to come with me, but when the time came, you passed by with your friends, and I called you, then you used sign languages, you said you were going to play. Now, imagine my heart break. </3 I let you come, and you said you’re going with them. so, this is what I waited for? :’( I was jokingly telling you that I was mahay and I waited for nothing and that I should have gone home and that you should go with your friends. At first, you were trying to lambing me, but I ignored and told you that you should go. Then you sat down beside me, with a long face. :( To tell you the truth, that joke was half meant. But I never wanted to force you though, but I felt like I did. I felt that you were scared because I was going to mahay again. So I took it back. It was sincere you know. SINCERE. but you didn’t believe me. You said you wanted to stay, but it didn’t show either. I was holding back the tears, until time came that I couldn’t. I cried. I felt so stupid. Why was I holding you back to your happiness? Who am I to do that to you? But at the same time, I felt so hurt, very much hurt. It was our monthsary, right? Couldn’t I steal you from your friends? But I don’t know. You comforted me and said that you wanted to stay, because I was there, but I didn’t here you say that you wanted to be with me (legit tears are falling why) You did agree that you wanted to be with your friends though, but you decided to stay, for me. THANK YOU :’) it took us several minutes and a little bit of my tears for us to be okay, but we managed. we ate proven again, and you fetched the rela for me. :’)

You know what, Jed? 18 months na ta, still, I have always felt so strong about you, my love has not faded nor has it deteriorated. I know daghan na kaayo ta ug naagian, but it still doesn’t end here. I just hope that we won’t give up on each other. :’) legit tears are coming again! T.T but anyway Jed, I’m sorry for all the faults that caused this relationship to fall for a while, but I thank you so much for still being here. for still keeping up with me. you know I love you so much, and I have no plans of walking away anymore, this time, it has got to be you. <3

I love you so much. Happy 18th Monthsary, Jed. :** c(”,c)

September 2, 2012

Free time in the morning so time to post! but before I start this post, just have to say hi to my newest follower, hi Den! HAHAHA how did you find this? yer weird. HAHA

Yesterday, I saw you in the Magis complex on my way to eng’g, but I didn’t bother to call you. You’re pretty busy with your friends, or its just that, I didn’t want to talk to you, I always get the feeling na you won’t say hi even. So when I went back to the magis complex from eng’g, nag-tagbo ta. I saw you from a far already, so I took my phone and called my steph, just an excuse that I don’t want to look at you in the eye. But still, you I caught myself looking at you, then you looked at me back. I didn’t say a word, but you said “asa ka?” and I just pointed my finger to the direction I’m going. That was okay. We had the physics fair during the day. I constantly see you since our tables for the table setting were near. I could see you laugh, having a good time, and I pretended that I had too. You called me once, then I just said “what?” then a little smile appeared on my face.

After the table setting, I was hungry, very hungry. I was supposed to be with you during lunch, since it’s saturday, but when I called you, you were in Acacia again. You were laughing with your friends while you were on the phone. I told you to talk to me properly, but I was too tired, and hungry so I got pissed and said something I don’t normally say to you. Anton texted me to call you again, but I said that I would just disturb him. I was mad, very much, honestly. How could you forget about me? How could you not care if I had lunch or not? or that why I was gone for a while? I don’t know, again, you were just too excited to be with your friends.

After lunch, I was nervous because the variety show started and I haven’t gathered my blockmates yet. Ugh. How did I become the leader of this thing again? -.- but anyway, we had our shades on, and it was raining, but the people cheered, “padayon! padayon!” that boosted alot of energy in me, so we danced gangnam style. We were laughing, just enjoying another embarrassing moment. HAHA though, my friends told me that some guys were being bastos -.- but anyway, you also participated on the variety show, you’re with your friends, and you were having fun. I was happy to see you happy. ;) I called you a few minutes after, and you fetched me. we went to sbm to watch the soccer game but I was too tired so I went inside one of the rooms, you closed the doors so I could change. I wasn’t supposed to sleep, but you kept going out, it’s the game your after, I know. so slept. The sweet thing is, you covered me with my old shirt because you thought I was cold, and you kissed me on my head. I was happy to be half awake. ;) but anyway, I woke up, I kept telling you to stay inside the room, but you kept going out. You also told me that some guys were shouting (which I didn’t hear) “hubo! hubo!” and you scolded me a little because of the dance. that was a bit sweet. :3 but did you care about the guys being like that? because if I were the guys, I’ll punch them in the gut, even if I was the girl, I’ll kick their freakin’…. ><

we went back to eng’g and you went to CIT lobby. I cheered for our course for the Kahibalo quiz, even for yours. :) But then, Uncle called me and he will fetch me in a while, so I looked for you to get my paper bag, then to wait for the attendance sheet. when It was time to say goodbye, you kissed me on the cheek infront of everyone. that was sweeeet :3

I had a attended Nicole’s Debut at Coco bay. I kept calling you but I remembered that you were empty bat. But when your phone managed to receive my call, You were doing something, so I ended the call. When I called you when I got home, you were sleepy so I let you sleep, we said our goodnight’s and ILoveYou’s, then I ended the call. I was thinking, have you ever thought that what if I didn’t reach home anymore? Did you ever got worried if I was home, or that if I was safe? 

Di nako gusto magmahay sa imoha. But I get the feeling that you’re just gonna take me for granted again. :’( and tomorrow is our 18th. I hope you remembered, unlike last September 3, 2011. I love you.

August 21, 2012

I just realized, someone is following this blog. OMG WHY HOW DID SHE FIND ME I DON’T EVEN KNOW HER. okay. haha. but anyway, what am I going to put on this blog? :)

We’ve been better since our last fight. :’) I’m actually getting used to letting you sleep ahead, or sleeping ahead of you, and I don’t even feel mad or guilty about it. ;) I know you’re happy. I really hope you are, because I am. :3 We’re growing more comfortable with each other, and I think that’s good. :D there’s nothing that I could write here right now, since I’m feeling really happy with us these days, pretty satisfied even. ;) I can see the change in you, you are actually doing what you don’t do before, and that makes me really glad. :’) And I am also doing what I don’t do before, right? I mean, I don’t make mahay anymore when you sleep ahead, or when katulgan ko nimo, or when you don’t come with me somewhere. :’) Katong time na naghanggat ko again sa imo na mag.IO tah, that was last friday, kay you said mananghid ka, and you said try nimo, I actually believed you BUT I didn’t expect. I admit it, I was disappointed, but it wasn’t a big deal to me anymore, I just let it pass. :) You see? I’m getting better. Aren’t you proud of me? :)

I love you so much. That’s it. :* I hope to see you soon! :) maybe tomorrow? :3

August 17, 2012

Naging okay din tayo last tuesday. Some things have opened up. Some things have changed. I am happy today. Still no regrets <3 but anyway, we had a short fight yesterday. I truly am sorry, I mean seriously, dili unta toh ingato kung wala lang gyud ko gidugo. I was pissed gyud kasi. xD I’m sorry. It’s not really all your fault. But anyway, lambing man ka :) I really LOVE it pag maglambing ka, feeling nako ako imong prinsesa. CHAR. hahahahahahah bitaw, I know you realized so many things, so did I. :’)

Sorry for letting you read this blog though, there are so many things that hurt here, but still, if you are reading this, HERE WE ARE, STILL. you know, I’m starting to really really really believe na ikaw nagyud. the thought scares me, basin dili kana imong gusto, but what you said last tuesday…

"…Sure diay ka sa ako?…"

"Sure ko, naa ra sa imo kung sure ka."

And I tell you, those words give me bucketsssss full of hope and encouragement and security and safety. In you, I find assurance, that no matter what happens, you are there, you will always love me, right? :’) you don’t know how I felt that time,  i was like, "Jed? ikaw ni?" in my mind. I’m not sure if you said that for the sake na maOkay na ta, but as always, I trust your words, I trust you. And I will never forget those words. :”)

We watched Brave last wednesday. :D I TOLD YOU IT WAS COOL. but you said…

"dili, ikaw man ang tsada :D"

AAAAHMMMM… ahihihihi :3 baby nah. ang movie ang tsada :p but anyway, I was glad that day. Bahala’g nagwala2 ko sa mood, you managed for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH MY EVER LOVING BOYFRIEND! hahahhahahahaha :”>

Today, we had lunch sa Jabee and gitudluan taka sa chem, sorry if dili ko ingana ka bright. :( then, you asked me if I could come with you sa ktv WITH YOUR FRIENDS. actually, nagduha2 ko. nashock ko. kanang, you don’t really do that, kanang let me go with you somewhere with your friends. I mean… I don’t know! weird. xD but anyway wala natuloy so we went to gab’s para magtambay. ;) I was quite shocked nga gusto ka magtambay with me, kay you don’t usually do. :))) I loved everything that happened today. :’) 

And you know what? I find the joy in looking into your eyes. Kanang mutanaw bitaw ko sa imong mata? I get to feel so lucky. kanang… ambot ui. Inlaba ba kaayo nako! but seriously, kanang feeling nga ko sa imong mata tapos kahilakon kaayo ko? ambut ngano ui. :’) murag happy gyud kaayo ko, na ikaw ang naa sa akong kilid atoh na time, that I was holding, hugging you. And so many times I prayed, that I’ll be with you. That you’ll be the man that I’ll see at the end of the aisle. :’) <3

And katong imong smile? SHETSSSSSS GWAPO KAAYO MAMA. i feel like… hahahahahah bitaw ui. naaaah. gwapo kaayo. naaaaah. akong weakness… naaaaah. HAHAHAH bitaw ui. nganong gwapo kay ka? Dapion taka run na! dapion tka’g kiss! :**** :)))

Hyper kaayo ko baby lab. :) anyway, I love you. I love you. :))) I hope wala ka nasumhan. :’)